Articles written & illustrated by Krystyna Szulecka’s photographs:

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BOOKS - with Krystyna Szulecka’s photographs:

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MAGAZINES/NEWSPAPERS - with Krystyna Szulecka’s photographs:

PsittaScene Vol.15, No.4, 2003
PsittaScene Vol.16, No.1, 2004
Parrots Issue 74, 2004
Parrots Issue 75, 2004
Zoological London Society Magazine 2009
Biological Sciences Review 2010
BBC Focus Magazine 2010
Plantsman 2011
Weatherwatch: Concrete under attack  Paul Brown 2011
Lonesome George could be resurrected after cells are frozen by scientists 2012
RSPB Magazine 2012
Nature Magazine 2012
Überleben in unberechenbarer Umwelt – die Felsensittiche
Patagoniens Juan F. Masello & Petra Quillfeldt
How can I protect my Solomon’s seal from sawfly? Alys Fowler 2013