Floral Treasures of the Southern Patagonian Steppe

Posted by on Aug 10, 2012

Floral Treasures of the Southern Patagonian Steppe is a collaborative project between a biologist, Claudia Guerrido from Argentina and a visual artist, Krystyna Szulecka from the U.K.  Until now the Southern Patagonian Steppe flora has been poorly documented by botanists and photographers.  The aim of the project is to produce biological portrayal of the flora of the area using techniques suitable for both the scientific and aesthetically pleasing documentation of the plant species representative of this habitat with hoped to draw the public’s attention to the importance of appreciating and preserving the treasures of the Southern Patagonian Steppe.

August-September 2013 Photographic exploration of wooden architecture in Bieszczady Region, Poland.

The wooden churches of mountain range that runs from the extreme south-east of Poland represent outstanding examples of the different aspects of medieval church-building traditions in Eastern Christians culture. This vernacular architecture was based on localized needs and availability of construction materials enriched by local traditions. Built using the horizontal log technique, common in eastern and northern Europe since the Middle Ages, these churches were sponsored by noble families and became status symbols. They offered an alternative to the stone structures erected in urban centres.

9th September 2013 Group photographic exhibition at glass Foyer of St Peter’s Church Harrogate